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The Association runs two village garden shows a year.

The spring show is held in early April and the autumn show in mid September. Both shows are held at the Hazlemere Community Centre in Rose Avenue, Hazlemere. These shows provide our members with the opportunty to exhibit their flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit and for the local community to come along and see the show.

Spring Show Awards 2019

Awards are given for the most points in each division from A to G.

Divisions A, B, C, D are the Horticultural Divisions.

Division A – Daffodils Andrew Barrow
Division B -Tulips Andrew Barrow
Division C - Other Spring Flowers Penny Geeves
Division D - Pot Plants Jack Schwarz
Shadbolt Challenge Cup
Most points in Horticultural Divisions A-D
Andrew Barrow
RHS Bronze Medal – Best Horticultural Exhibit: Cut Flowers
Class 3: Large cupped daffodils: one vase, 3 blooms, one or more variety. "Cape Cornwall"
Jack Schwarz
RHS Bronze Medal – Best Horticultural Exhibit: Pot Plants
Class 39: An alpine plant in flower grown in a pot (max pot size 8"). Clematis: "Cartmanii Joe"
Jack Schwarz
Division E - Novice -
Division F - Floral Art Chris Schwarz
Division G - Children Under 15 Emily Smithers
Keria Brooke Messer
Division H - Arts and Crafts - Best Exhibit
Class 66: An Original Painting
Barbara Pearman
Division I - Photography - Best Photograph
Class 73: Eiffel Tower
Jack Schwarz

Autumn Show Awards 2018

Hazlemere Cup
Most Points in the Vegetable Division
D T Bourne
62 points
Astor Cup
Most Points in the Fruit Division
D T Bourne
9 points
Beacon Cup
Most Points in Flowers & Pot Plant Divisions
Andrew Barrow
54 points
Wycombe Cup
Most Points in the Horticultural Divisions
D T Bourne
71 points
Percy Morecroft Challenge Salver
Class 28 Winner
D T Bourne
Vegetable Collection Cup
Class 29 Winner
Vic Coe
Vegetable Collection in a Trug or Basket
Class 30 Winner
D T Bourne
West Cup
Best Exhibit Novice Section
Kate Sewell
Collection of one specimen vegetable from any 4 types
Semon Cup
Most points in Domestic Division
Barbara Marks
19 points
Centenary Cup
Most Points in Children's Division
Isobel Doherty
14 points
HGA Rosette
Best Fruit Exhibit
Pauline Buckland
4 Pears
Rose Bowl
Most Points in Floral Art
Maureen Rigg
12 points
Challenge Cup
Best Pot Plant
Pauline Buckland
HGA Rosette
Best Exhibit in the Novelty Division
Jack Scharz
A plate of flapjacks
RHS Bronze Medal
Best Exhibit in Show - Vegetables (excluding collections)
D T Bourne
2 Sweet Peppers
(Class 24)
RHS Bronze Medal
Best Horticultural Exhibit, Pot Plant
Pauline Buckland
RHS Bronze Medal
Best Horticultural Exhibit, Cut Flowers
Andrew Barrow
3 Gladiolus "Cream Perfection"
(Class 49)
RHS Banksian Medal
Most points in Horticultural Divisions
Andrew Barrow
56 points
Banksian Medal: Any competitor who has won the Banksian medal in the last two years is not eligible to win this medal.

The shows are open to HGA members, their partners, children and grandchildren. It's FREE to enter and full details of the show dates, schedules and timetable are available in the annual yearbook.